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Restorative Orthodontics

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Start smiling with complete confidence today

If you or your child suffers from misaligned teeth, you probably don't spend much time smiling. Not because your days are no fun, but because you're embarrassed by teeth you believe "crooked." Well, genetics cause that, not neglect on your part.  But there's still time to act so you can give your feelings full expression.


A to Zzz Dental Clinic's custom orthodontics will straighten your teeth and give you a smile to be proud of.

You weren't born with an uneven smile — it takes years for your teeth to break through and settle. Braces correct poor alignment, but the prospect of having them fitted may cause you anxiety. It doesn't have to.


Before installing your fixtures, we can administer nitrous oxide or light sedation. That helps you get through the toughest part of your treatment. Then when the braces come off, you'll love your new improved smile.

Fit your new braces gently and compassionately