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Dentist with a young patient

Gentle Pediatric Dental Work

Dentist with a young patient Dentist with a young patient

Instill good dental habits when they do the most good

Your kids have a major dental care advantage. When you fill a cavity, the damage is pretty much permanent. When your child develops a cavity, the baby tooth eventually falls out. Don't waste that rare second chance. Bring your child to a dentist who not only cures toothaches, but teaches lifelong habits that prevent them.


And should your kid fall victim to the hazards of a ball field or playground, trust A to Zzz to set things right.

A to Zzz Dental Clinic has devised unique practices to ease fears that can devastate special needs patients.

We design procedures to handle your child's needs

  • Physical disabilities

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Autism spectrum issues

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder